Coto has helped 5,000 foreign nationals improve their Japanese communication. We are confident in our ability to provide professionals with a comprehensive Japanese learning solution.

Lesson Style Options

School Lessons

Take Japanese lessons at Coto locations in Iidabashi, Azabu-juban, and Yokohama. Switch between online and in-person lessons at your convenience. (Private/Group/Intensive)

Online Lessons

Global coverage and a 25 hour availability cycle. Take lessons before you come to Japan (Private/Group)

Dispatch Lessons

Dispatch teachers are available for private or group lessons according to level.
(Within central Tokyo and Yokohama) (Private/Group/1-day package)

Why choose Coto?

Varied Course Options

To get started

Online Consultation

Complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and propose a solution. For group lessons, we may need to do a separate level check to determine your level. (If necessary, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.)

Free Estimate

Based on the consultation, we will prepare a proposal for your lesson plan. This estimate is valid for 30 days and provided free of charge.

Getting Started and Contract

After we decide on an official start date for lessons - we will draft a contract.
Normally, 3 months of course fees are due upon the day of the first lesson.
(If you would like an alternative arrangement please contact us.)

Personalized learning

The coordinator will support you by providing lesson reports, assessments, and progress checks.
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